Industries we Serve !

  • Remote automation solutions

    Manage your remote operations in critical infrastructure with complete and integrated field-to-enterprise offers. Find out more
  • Discrete automation solutions

    Optimize your discrete operations with minimized project risk, reduced installation and maintenance costs. Discover our offer
  • Hybrid process automation solutions

    An innovative control system to turn your efficiency vision into real- life energy savings. Learn more
  • Continuous process automation solutions

    A Process Automation System that provides operational integrity to your plant, operational insight to your people and a future-proof platform for your operation. Get more information
  • Process safety solutions

    Manage risk and hazards and avoid unscheduled asset downtime and maximize process uptime. Read more
  • Machine automation solutions

    Reduce your time for design installation, and commissioning with flexible, validated and ready-to-use architectures. Know more
  • Industrial automation services

    Schneider Electric, a leader in process automation and energy management, provides services from design studies to modernisation. Explore our offer
  • Solutions delivered by System Integrators

    Find a trusted Schneider Electric System Integrator, with demonstrated experience and professionalism in system integration, to deliver your next project. Discover more
  • Solutions delivered by Collaborative Automation Partners

    Whether you are a partner or a customer, maximize your automation project with Schneider Electric’s complimentary solutions and offer. Uncover more
  • System Solution TVDA

    Reduce your time for design installation, and commissioning with these flexible, functionally validated and ready-to-use architectures. Find out more
  • Packaging automation

    Effective automation of packaging machines of all kinds and at every level of complexity. Learn more
  • Material Handling

    Schneider Electric machine solutions help you to optimize your material handling. Discover our offer
  • Material working control

    Complete automation solutions for cost effective and energy efficient material working machines. Further more
  • Pumping control

    Schneider Electric is your partner for intelligent energy efficient pumping applications. Know more
  • Crane control

    Schneider Electric is your partner for smarter cranes and hoisting equipment. Get more information
  • HVAC control

    For chillers or air-handling units for commercial building, residential or industrial applications. Discover more
  • Refrigeration

    Design and build refrigeration equipment that is energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and reliable. Explore our offer
  • Machine safety

    Covering all the safety functionality and scalability you need for your machine. Uncover more
  • Motion control

    From coordinated to synchronized motion control solution. Read more
  • Energy Efficiency

    Help you design more energy efficient machines while increasing performance and attractiveness for end users. More information