Tesys Quickfit

Installation system assistance for motor-starters


Tesys Quickfit


Installation system for discrete motor starters up to 15 kW/400 W
  • Presentation

    System for TeSys motor power-starters with spring terminals, incorporating Quickfit technology: exclusive technology for wireless and toolless connection

    For the power part :
    • a power kit
    • a power splitter block
    • an upstream terminal block
    • a downstream terminal block
    • For the control part:
    • a control splitter block
    • a control connection module
    • Pre-cabling control:
    • A control connection module
    • TeSys U common connection accessories.

  • Benefits

    Without tool, setting up become easier

    Offers tool-free setup and maintenance, clipping together simply via spring terminals to ensure reliable connections and enhanced safety. Tesys Quickfit increasingly discrete wiring also makes it more compact.

  • Applications

    • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc :
    The motor power-starters in question are those which combine circuit-breakers with 9 to 32 A model d contactors